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2 Way Vista Camera

2wayvista1.jpg picture by khloe3074k2wayvista2.jpg picture by khloe3074k 2wayvista3.jpg picture by khloe3074k2wayvista4.jpg picture by khloe3074k


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Models Available



(inclusive normal postage)

35mm Panorama Camera (Pink)

Please Enquire

$28 $25

35mm Panorama Camera (Silver)

Please Enquire

$28 $25

2 Way Vista (Nero)



2 Way Vista (Smurf) 1 $53

Important Notes
(Please Read before ordering)

  • Please refer to the stocks availability above before making your payment.
  • All models and colors are listed below, if you need any other models, please join the mailing list by clicking on the icon below:


Strictly by postage ONLY!
Normal Postage is inclusive in the price.
For registered mail, please addon additional $2.30 ontop of total cost.

Registered mail is highly recommended for all as Singpost and KHLOE'S KAMERAS™ are not responsible for any lost of normal packages.


By iBanking or ATM Transfer to POSB Savings 228-27700-2 or UOB TX 396-373-302-8

I accept Paypal. However there will be additional 6% charges of the total cost. Please inform me to advice you the total amount.

Overseas buyers welcome! I accept telegraphic transfer. Please email me for more information.

For Email or MSN Enquiries:


Format of Order

Name :

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Name on Package:
Residential Address: (Please make sure this is accurate)

Item 1
Name of Item :
Quantity :
Colour: (if any)

Item 2
Name of Item :
Quantity :
Colour: (if any)


Total Amount: Item 1 + Item 2

(Normal Postage) : Total Amount =
(Registered Postage) : Total Amount + S$2.30 =

********** Payment Details *********

Transferred to: POSB Savings / UOB TX
Amount Transferred:
Time of Transfer: (for ATM transfer only!)
iBank Nick: (for Internet Banking Transfer only!)
Transaction Reference:

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Payment Details

Transferred to: POSB Savings
Amount Transferred: $58.30
Date: 14/2/2009
Time of Transfer: 01:21am
Transaction Reference: 8455

Re: Payment Details (Anonymous) Expand
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hey! sorry just wanted to ask is it possible to meet-up?

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Transferred to: POSB Savings
Amount Transferred: $30.00
Date: 28/02/2009
Time of Transfer: 20:39
Transaction Reference: 1041

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Re: difference & smurf in stock?


hi babe,
which camera will you recommend between holga and panorama since they both have the normal function just that holga cannot take panorama shot?

Hi, Holga can do much more than a panorama camera.

You can actually take panorama shots in 120 Holga with the panoramic adapter. :)

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For everyone's info and my convenience:

The only diffeence is 2 way vista has flash and exclusive from RedCameras Korean Company.. so it cost more with the special packaging and branding..

The flash is important because you need it to take in indoors and at night.
Otherwise you have to take in daylight only.

Hence the Panorama camera can only take under the sun.

(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)

Re: any differences?

Eximus will have natural vignette (black corner) effect.
Panorama camera can take panorama and normal effect (as shown in the samples above) by switching a switch on the camera.

Both cameras produce 2 different effects.
It all depends on your preference.

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I can meet you tomorrow 6pm at Cityhall. (please let me know your mobile number)
Or via postage which takes 2-3 working days to reach you.

and nope, it cannot do multiple exposure.

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yes thats right

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Re: 35mm Panorama Camera Sliver

sorry. i mean the 2 Way Vista (NERO).

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apologise for the late reply.
The 2 way vistas are out of stock at the moment and will only be in around mid of this month.


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(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Hi, 10% discount for 35mm panorama. i most likely wont be bringing in this. but if u are interested, pls let me know the exact color and ur mobile number to



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