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To receive updates of new sprees via my mailing list, please fill up according to the format.

Name: (optional)
Email Address: (This is COMPULSORY! Otherwise you will not be included in the mailing list!)


Note: We will be using the following emails to send you the mailing list.


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Hmm, you mean i close them very fast?
Erm, usually i open it once a month when there is request from members.

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hi, apologise for the late reply.
Its $80 for one set.

It will take 1 week to arrive after orders set cuz supplier only send via express mail.

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hi when is u wedding may i ask?

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(Deleted comment)
hi will you open another holga spree soon?

yep, after #12 payment is transferred, i will open one soon. do leave your email down and i will send u the mailing list once its up.

hi dear
interested in the underwater camera u stated in ur other post..
can i get more details, like price , effects etc?
isit only useable underwater? cuz if its similar to vivitar but has additional underwater function i might wanna get tht instead!
pls mail me :)

Please join my mailing list.

Information and description will be posted up once camera reaches me and i'm done with sorting out with the shipment once it arrived.

would i be able to buy ur korean camera instock?
cos i dont think i have enough time to transfer the money now.

please make your pre-order in the spree site, payment can be in once u are able to! i will pay for u for ur case.. thanks!

(Screened comment)
yes all holga can use 35mm films except 120WPC..

if u are really interested, u can just make a $20 deposit first. ;)

hi there..
pls inform me when u re-open the korea jelly lens spree pls
thanks :)


i have jelly camera instock now. do check out the korean cameras instock page. :) thanks!

I would like to order the Holga 135(white) & the holga cable release.
It is possible to get it before 17th Nov?

Hi, expected arrival time is mid nov. It will usually take 2 weeks to reach once pre-order closes by this friday. :)

(Screened comment)
yes they are nett prices.

hi, new to your blog. just added to the mailing list. may i know which spree is still on going?

all the navigations icon listed above. thanks

please add me to your mailing list :)

hi, do provide your email address as updates will be sent by email!


Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Khloee!

Thanks for the fast reply and the items. Items are in good condition. I will recommend you to all my friends ^ ^.

Re: Thanks a lot!!!

Welcome and Thanks! :)

THANKS. ALL ADDED IN! (21 MAR 2009: 6:39PM)


Sorry its not abt any cameras you offered but may i know where to get leica mini cameras in singapore? I went to search hoping to buy it online but they only send it the usa states but not here.

Hmm, im not so sure about that but you can try ebays. cuz i doubt retail stores will sell that camera unless its a SLR.

hi, do i leave my details here for the mailing list?

please leave your email here. thanks

purchase of cameras


may I know can I pay in cash to purchase the camera
when meeting up?
because I don't have a posb transfer and I really like the camera:(


Re: purchase of cameras

pls email me directly at

Enquiries on Holga sprees

Hi, saw your blog featuring Holga cameras and am very interested in getting one. May i know when is the next Holga spree? Thanks alot!

Re: Enquiries on Holga sprees


They are all instocks at

Hi, i'd like t knw if you do meetups at places other than CityHall?


Hi, nope, sorry strictly 6pm Thurs/Fridays at Cityhall weekly.


do i leave my email here for mailing list?

Yes, all emails are screened.


Hi khloe, will you be bringing in the diana mini?

Hi, we have the diana mini instock now.


im iejam...
i have a question for u..
where can i get a filter set for 135bc?


We will have the filter set in a week time.
Please contact us directly.

Thank you!

special feature camera

hi, i would like to enquire about golden half (limited edition), the light blue. is there still stock cause this camera is vry vry impt to me n i have been searching for it for quite some time. really look forward to ur reply. Thanks.

Re: special feature camera

Hi, we no longer bringing in the chelsea maika version due to poor demand. you may want to consider the rest of the new versions like Red Trees, Green Trees, Black mountain, etc


Im samson from malaysia....

Can i reserve the Decade version BBF?
pm me or email me the price and stocking


Apologise for the late reply as we were away for more than a week.

The Last Version is out of stock and we wont be restocking it anymore because Superheadz has sold out all the limited editions.
Probably you can consider the other colors.


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